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About the Book

The Welker Family - together at Christmas
About the Book 

Front cover, The World at My Fingertips
Steve Welker hasn't always been blind. And most people have never been blind. So most people can't fully understand Steve -- but Steve Welker can understand us.
That's what this inspiring book is all about; it's about a tragedy that has been turned into a triumph of spirit in a world so many of us simply take for granted -- but that Steve Welker cannot.
It all begins on a happy note, with Steve and his wife, Kristi, joyfully anticipating the culmination of the adventure of creating a family for themselves -- in a most unusual way! Pioneers in a movement that has more recently become a not-so-uncommon phenomenon, the Welkers were one of the first couples to undertake surrogate pregnancy through in vitro fertilization, which involves placing laboratory-fertilized eggs into the womb of a surrogate mother. Coincidentally, their effort gained them national attention as Leeza Gibbons presented them on her network television talk show -- not once, but several times.
Typical of their positive outlook on life, the Welkers were blazing new trails even though the dangers were apparent and the potential for disappointment amazingly high. And it was all working -- until April 30, 1994.
Then, in a matter of seconds, everything changed! In one seemingly senseless, unfathomable moment of disastrous coincidence -- just days before the birth of their twin boys -- both Steve and Kristi were severely injured in a car crash.
Kristi recovered and was left with but few reminders of her pain. Steve, on the other hand, was blinded, having nearly been fatally injured, subsequently enduring many surgeries -- both recuperative and restorative -- and facing a life without sight, one he never expected and nearly couldn't cope with. In fact, he freely admits that without Kristi he might not have made it at all.
The World at My Fingertips tells their story -- specifically, Steve's story -- in a truly nourishing, inspiring way, driven from within by an indomitable spirit (Steve's) coupled with an iron will (Kristi's) and a love that transcends every appearance of negative reality, no matter how dark and foreboding it might seem.
Now, more than a decade after that horrifying April day, the story is being told fully and in such detail that readers will be both informed and inspired regardless of their own stations in life.
The World at My Fingertips traces the long and arduous path followed by the Welker family as they recover -- ever so slowly -- and move forward in a life forever altered and endlessly challenging, but -- undergirded with a strong spirituality and a positive value system -- destined to reveal growth in every new moment, gratitude in every detail of life, and hope by example for anyone who faces life-threatening or life-altering challenges.
The book will move you, and once having read it thoroughly, you will want to give it to friends as evidence that life's deeper meanings have eternal value -- and that no matter what happens, there is a divine "sense" to it all, if only you open your spirit's eyes and see it.


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