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A Speaker for You

Front cover, The World at My Fingertips
A Speaker for Your Function or Organization

Public Speaking - Steve Welker's new passion
Steve speaking at a recent United Way reception at the Goldwater estate in Phoenix.

Steve Welker's life -- all of it -- has been a story of dedication, integrity, business acumen, spiritual and religious values -- and now, pure inspiration drawn from his personal triumph over a situation and a condition that might completely overwhelm a lesser human being.

With the publication of his book, Steve is being engaged very frequently to bring his talks to fraternal and civic organizations, corporations and businesses, church congregations, not-for-profit groups and other assemblages . . .

. . . and he loves it! As a result, Steve is now booking engagements to speak, to tell his story, to inspire you and your group to greater heights of dedication, improved human understanding, expanded compassion, and practical applications of the success process he used so we  can all participate and share the amazing results for ourselves.

In a brand new talk on his newest theme, Radical Resiliency, Steve focuses on what it took for him to overcome the tragedy of losing his sight, and how, from personal experience, he has accumulated and articulated the knowledge and the wisdom to help others overcome adversity at every level. For more information on this talk, you willl find   
an illustrated description here and may download it if you wish:

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And if you would like additional information about what Steve can bring to your group, please email him at or phone him directly at (480) 730-6200.


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